Maui Swedish massage therapy
relax therapeutic massage. Massage in Maui, Hawai‘i

Maui Swedish massage therapy


Relax Therapeutic Massage Now Offering...

Chair Massage

Available at:
•  Workplace
•  Tradeshows
•  Private Parties
•  Marketing Events

All Island Events from 2 to 200++  

Relax Therapeutic Massage offers a tranquil environment to decrease stress , and increase energy among employees and clients.   Our licensed massage therapists provide 10 to 15 minute chair massage that improves physical and emotional well-being .

Attract visitors to your tradeshow booth, provide "Relax Bliss Break" stations in your office, outside meeting halls, between events or even pool side.  

What ever your needs, Relax Therapeutic Massage can provide professional chair massage services that enhance client experience and boost employee morale.

•  No Set-up Fees.
•  Relax Therapeutic Massage provides licensed therapists, massage equipment and supplies.  
•  25% deposit required for all confirmed, signed agreements.
•  Additional charges may apply for parking or transportation.
•  On-site Spa Director recommended for large events with multiple therapists.
•  Table Massage also available at equal rates.

Contact Relax Therapeutic Massage to receive an estimate for your next event.

We also offer Hawaiian Hot Rocks Massage. Click for Details

Call 808 280.5185 to schedule your Maui Massage in advance
Or reserve your Massage Online, Click Here.

Satisfaction Guarantee

At Relax Therapeutic Massage, your relaxation and therapeutic experience is our top priority.   We back up every Maui Massage with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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